Upcoming Important Dates

February 10, 2022 1 Comment

Upcoming Important Dates

The inbox has been buzzing with questions about when fresh flowers will be available again, grow-your-own cutflower garden starts, and the possibility of workshops. Here are key dates to put on your calendar:

ROOTED WORKSHOPS: Registration for our first ever spring line up of on-farm classes will open Sunday, February 20th.

GROW-YOUR-OWN CUT FLOWER GARDEN: Special selections of cut flowers all started and ready to be planted in your own garden! Each kit includes 48 plants of 8 different varieties that will allow you to cut bouquets all summer long. Collections will be available online Sunday, March 13th for pre-order. Available for local delivery and pick up only.

SPRING POTTED GARDENS: Narcissus, hyacinth, muscari filled living centerpieces will be available at our on-farm Self Serve Farmstand starting Friday, March 18th to celebrate the first day of spring -- just in time for your Easter table! 

ROOTED DAHLIAS: The shop is closed for 2022. Shipping will begin in April to avoid damage from cold during transit. Sign up for the dahlia newsletter to learn when the 2023 Dahlia Shop will open.

FRESH FLOWERS: We anticipate offering fresh flowers starting at Self Serve by April 3rd, Mother Nature will make the final call.

MOTHER'S DAY SHOP: Opens April 24th with more details forthcoming,

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Judith Aquadro
Judith Aquadro

January 12, 2023


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