2022 Year In Review

January 12, 2023 8 Comments

This image depicts a farm owner standing at a window, with a determined expression on their face.

Before we get too deep into the New Year, I am taking some time to reflect on all that has happened during the previous year. It can be easy to just look ahead, but taking a moment to reflect on the past can help us to appreciate all that we have accomplished and set intentions for the future.

Seeds in the greenhouse at Rooted Flowers in January. Last January looked much different than this January as we prepare to welcome our third baby. There was a greenhouse full of seedlings and a building renovation underway. We couldn't decide on the exterior of the building renovation, so I decided to do a test run by making an accent wall in the house. After some deliberation, we settled on a style of board and batten instead of horizontal boards.


A wall showing transformation from sheetrock to board and batten at Rooted Flowers. Throughout February, we continued to sow seeds and even had flowers starting to blossom.


Seedlings in Rooted Flowers greenhouse and anemones in bloom.

By March, early spring bulb gardens were taking off and dahlia orders were shipped across the nation. Spring is one of the busiest seasons for us, and we were running on adrenaline imaging all of the beauty that was ahead.

Early spring gardens and construction plans at Rooted Flowers.Dahlia shipping to gardeners all across the nation at Rooted Flowers.

In order to keep pace with the building renovation, we spent nights and weekends checking tasks off the to-do list. The wood was milled by a local logger and my partner, Albert, designed and built the trusses.

Building a trusses at Rooted Flowers.

April welcomed the first flush of events and an abundance of early spring blooms. 

April blooms at Rooted Flowers.

The trusses were set on the building and planting was well underway.

The trusses being set and planting underway at Rooted Flowers.

A large ranunculus harvest at Rooted Flowers.

Mother's Day was especially busy, with a flood of blooms and subscriptions to members.

Tulip harvest at Rooted Flowers.

Shipping spring flowers at Rooted Flowers.

June was a significant milestone for our farm when we tapped into our well, a critical step forward in our farm infrastructure and access to water. I remember crying when water came out of the hose, as it brought back memories of the first season with our daughter, Mary, and the challenges of water supply when there was even any to be had at all.

June flowers and irrigation piping at Rooted Flowers.

Weeding at Rooted Flowers.

The summer months were filled with a flush of blooms, weeding, and routine night-time checks of the dahlia field. 

Dahlia field and an abundance of July blooms at Rooted Flowers.

August brought a bumper crop of celosia and the first of the lisianthus. 

August brought a bumper crop of celosia and the first of the lisianthus at Rooted Flowers.

Dahlia at Rooted Flowers

September was a particularly busy month, with a successful dahlia season, the removal of a sea container, and new siding on the garage. Our self-serve shop was moved to the front of the building.

 Dahlias at Rooted Flowers

Bulbs arrived in October and we held our annual sale in person for the first time and shipped to gardeners across the nation. 

 Fall bulb sale at Rooted Flowers.Chrysanthemums at Rooted Flowers.

In November we welcomed the chrysanthemums but said goodbye to the dahlias after a hard frost.

Dahlia tubers at Rooted Flowers

The first half of the month was spent digging, dividing, and moving the dahlia crop into storage. The later half was spent carving pumpkins for Thanksgiving and cutting armloads of chrysanthemums.

 Chrysanthemums at Rooted Flowers

Thanksgiving centerpieces at Rooted Flowers

December began with Winter Workshops and lots of holiday decor. The end of the month brought a slower pace with time to reflect on next season and other projects.

 Winter holiday arrangements at Rooted Flowers.

Winter arrangement at Rooted Flowers.

We have spent the last 4 years working incredibly hard to build this farm, and I cannot believe how far we have come. When we started, the farm was considered a "negative environment" for pollinators and wildlife. Now it is a thriving ecosystem that benefits pollinators, wildlife, and the community alike.

As we begin to welcome our next child, I'm trying to navigate the next chapter as realistically and intentionally while staying true to my north star. I don't know exactly what that looks like, but I'm excited for what the future holds.

I'd love to hear how your year went and what you're looking forward to creating in 2023.

8 Responses

dori ikan
dori ikan

October 12, 2023

Loved the Christmas planter project and now I’m eyeing that gorgeous wreath with the citrus and berries.

Laura Willson
Laura Willson

March 23, 2023

YOU are AMAZING! What you’ve done on your farm (without ever setting eyes on it) is just fantastic! Obviously you have a great team and a great partnership! Your stories and How To’s and videos and website information is wonderful. Thanks for sharing everything!
I can’t wait to get my dahlias! I don’t know where I ‘found’ you, but I’m so glad I did. I’m in Massachusetts too….on the southeast coast, but would love to visit your farm someday. Can’t wait to hear about the new baby too. Congratulations!!!

Theresa Menko
Theresa Menko

January 18, 2023

I just love your updates. You have a beautiful family and I look forward to meeting baby #3, maybe at 3-County fair. Congratulations on all your accomplishments, I knew you were destined to do great things with your life. Love, Your favorite Home Ec. teacher.

Linda  Seabury
Linda Seabury

January 16, 2023

I am not a gardener, but I appreciate and absolutely LOVED all those beautiful bouquets you offered in your cooler this past year. Looking forward to April and more lovely blooms!
Blessings to you on your new baby! 💕


January 12, 2023

This spring I am looking forward to expanding our flower garden with my 2 girls. Last March, we welcomed our second, so gardening took a small backtail while I was in my newborn phase. But this year I am hoping to get my 2 girls out there, digging for worms and planting the rainbow!

Kristie P
Kristie P

January 12, 2023

Such a lovely post! The photos of the girls and the flowers – so beautiful!! And I know it must have been a TON of work, but you carry on with great grace. As your operation continues to evolve, I appreciate that I had gotten to experience the previous refrigerated farm stand…. Loved the Christmas planter project and now I’m eyeing that gorgeous wreath with the citrus and berries. Take care of yourself, Becky, as you prepare for baby number 3. (This whole experience would make a great book someday! Complete with health tips, haha.) Happy 2023 to you and your loved ones:)

Liz Krieg
Liz Krieg

January 12, 2023

Becky, first of all ~ those girls are the best! I loved hanging with you all this summer! They have the toughest little pink feet and are the happiest, most helpful little darlings!!
Now, for You! You are a Floral Genius. I am so gob smacked by all that you have done. I saw this property when you first bought it – and it was a mess. You and Albert cleared that useless old land and put tons of effort and compost and amendments in – to feed and nurture the soil. You did it right! All of your greenhouses are full of life. All perfect, healthy plants and flowers. Your studios are well thought out and beautiful. The work that you have done on your house has made it so much more charming and the interior space is well done and made for family living.
And amid ALL of this, you grow the most spectacular flower crops I have seen – on a large scale! You are in it to win in in your quiet, calm and humble way.
I have been around, as you well know…and I’ve got to say ~ You, my dear, are the Best of the Best. I can’t wait to meet your new boo.

Mariellen Guidetti
Mariellen Guidetti

January 12, 2023

This is a great recap of your year. Enjoyed reading it and seeing the wonderful pictures. Congratulations on your 3rd child!

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