Ranunculus 'Amandine Chamallow' Corms


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The epitome of garden splendor tailored for matrimonial celebrations. Defined by its unrivaled vigor, this variety rises with robust green stems that graciously bear colossal, feather-like blossoms.

Height: 10-15 inches

Plant in full sun

Harvesting/Vase Life For 7-12 days vase life, cut when buds feel like soft marshmallows but aren't fully open. Open blooms last up to a week but are more delicate.

Package contains 20 corms

Zones 8 or higher can plant in fall. Otherwise, ranunculus should be planted in a tunnel, heated structure, or held until the end of winter/early spring. If corms are exposed to temperatures below 25°F, they can freeze and eventually rot. Protection from extreme cold temperatures is critical. Read more about growing methods here.