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Reserve your speciality cut flower plants now for farm pick up or local delivery for May 8th-9th. Earlier and late requests cannot be fulfilled. Tip! Set a reminder on your phone.

Searching for unique cut flower varieties to grow in your garden for summer bouquets? Your search ends here! We cultivate these rare flower varieties for you, ready to be planted in your garden come May!

One sale is for eight 6-packs or 48 plants at $110 (plus MA tax). All plants are speciality cut flower varieties. Flowers bloom from summer into fall. Annual plants bloom for one season.

A mix of speciality cut flower types (disks, spikes, air, etc) comprise the collection for bouquet making.

Flowers include:

All you need is a small patch of ground or large tubs for patio gardening to get growing! The spacing need for this collection of plants is 6-9" apart or 36 sq ft. Plant in full sun.

Important Notice:

  1. No Returns or Refunds: Please be aware that all sales are absolutely final. Once your order is placed, we cannot offer any refunds or credits under any circumstances.

  2. Pick-Up Reminder: If you choose the pick-up option, it's crucial to set a reminder on your phone. We're committed to providing you with the freshest plants, and to achieve this, we start growing your trays immediately upon order placement. Therefore, please ensure timely pick-up to maintain the quality of your plants.

  3. Emergency Pick-Up Plan: In case of an unforeseen emergency, we strongly recommend having a backup person available to pick up your plants. Our greenhouse operates efficiently, and any delay in pick-up may affect the health and quality of your custom-grown trays.

Thank you for choosing us for your plant needs, and we appreciate your understanding of our policies and procedures.

The collection provides all the ingredients necessary to create your beautiful bouquets. It will include a planting guide with layout suggestions.