Garden Starts

Cut Flower Garden Starts


Reserve your flat(s) now for a local delivery window of May 11th-13th. 

At the farm we recognize the healing nature of growing things. Gardening reduces our stress, teaches us patience and definitely gives us hope as we tend and nurture plants.

Rooted is committed to walking you through the process of establishing your very own cut flower garden with our ready to plant flower flats.

All you need is a small patch of ground or some large tubs for patio gardening.

The spacing requirement for most annual cut flowers is 6"- 8" apart so that can help you decide how many plants you may need. A maximum of 16 sq ft.

Each flat (or tray) consists of annual, easy to grow cut flowers sold in 6-packs. All 6-packs sold as flats. Each flat will consist of a mix of flowers and foliage.

A flat consists of eight 6-packs or 48 plants. One flat is $48 (plus MA tax).

Reserve your flat(s) now for a local delivery window of May 11th-13th. 

The collection consists of summer's favorite blooms. To be planted after the chance of frost. Your flat will include ageratum, celosia, cosmo, gomphrena, snapdragon, statice, strawflower, and zinnia. Colors will be mixed for all flower types.

Each collection provides all the ingredients necessary to create your own beautiful bouquets and will include a planting guide upon delivery.